Teenager Teenager




This work is made up of two different parts: one is a set of sculptures and the other is a performance. While the sculptures are viewers of the performance, both exist independently of each other, and the performance is different each time we present it. These two different parts seem related to each other, but they are also individual; even if they can't communicate with each other, they still exist in the same world. The part which is the performance can't be collected as a "thing," you can only collect the sculptures. So you will be missing one part of the piece when you look at the sculptures wearing the huge stones, and the reason why these exist is to remind you of the absence of that teenager. Don't forget, the title of the piece is "Teenager Teenager."






对于收藏来说,少年的行为部分无法以物态的形式被保存,当你看到这些顶着巨大石头的家庭成员的时候,你无法排除对那个少年的缺失之思念,似乎这些人的存在是提示少年的不在场。别忘了这件作品的名字就叫:少年 少年