乙方将其曾经拥有的两把枪支(Semi-automatic Rifle SIG 7mm and “Beretta” Double Barrel Shot Gun)赠与甲方,其所属权也转给甲方。

本合约规范之 SIG 7mm半自动步枪(Semi-automatic Rifle SIG 7mm) 和 泊莱塔双管猎枪(“Beretta” Double Barrel Shot Gun) 为孙原、彭禹所有,因为现实因素无法运回中国,故由乙方自愿无限期保管。

(一) 乙方负有物件清理,维护,常规性保养之义务。
(二) 乙方有义务于保管期间依照甲方要求定期使用或操作并拍摄照片,用于向乙方转达使用和操作情况以及使用心得。 
(三) 除甲方外,乙方拥有在合约存续期间展出此计划的权力。 
(四) 如物件已归还甲方,除甲方外,乙方仍拥有对外的展示权。







甲方代表签署人: 孙原&彭禹                         

乙方代表签署人: Uli Sigg


地址: 中国北京市酒仙桥路4号        地址: US Schloss 6216 Mauensee Switzerland

电话: +86-13501170543                  电话:+41419213011





Agreement For <Open Sesame: Gifts from Uli Sigg>



The below is an agreement between the following two parties:

Sun Yuan & Peng Yu (Owners), hereafter “Party A”
Mr. Uli Sigg (Custodian) hereafter “Party B”

Party B gave two guns it previously owned (SIG 7mm Semi-automatic Rifle and “Beretta” Double Barreled shotgun) to Party A and transferred the ownership to Party A.

It is agreed that the following items: SIG 7mm Semi-automatic Rifle and “Beretta” Double Barreled shotgun (see attached photos), hereafter referred to as “the objects,” are owned solely by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu. Because these items cannot be transported to China due to legal reasons, they will remain under the custody of Party B indefinitely.

Section I: Rights and Obligations

  1. Party B is responsible for cleaning, maintenance, and repair of the objects.
  2. During the period of custody, Party B is required to use and photograph the objects, documenting their operation.
  3. Except Party A, party B retains the right to display the objects during the period of custody.
  4. If the objects are returned to Party A, Party B retains the right to borrow the objects for display.

Section II: Contract termination
If the legal situation relating to ownership of weapons in China changes and the objects can be transported to China and possessed in China in a fully legal way, and Party A requests they are transported to China, Party B unconditionally accepts to turn them over to their owners and shall provide necessary arrangements for their transport.

Section III: Dispute Resolution
All matters not covered in this agreement, or any dispute concerning the interpretation of this agreement, shall be settled through negotiated agreement of both parties.


Party A: Sun Yuan & Peng Yu                                                

Party B: Uli Sigg


Date:  2014.04.26   

Address: 4 Jiuxiangqiao Road, Beijing China                    

Address:US Schloss 6216 Mauensee, Switzerland
Telephone: 86 135 0117 0543                       Telephone:+41419213011